TINHIFI TWS2000 Bluetooth 5.1


The internal core of Tinhifi tws2000 uses the latest efficient and lossless audio transmission 5.0 Bluetooth chip. It is also equipped with nickel-peptide metal composite film dual-moving coil loudspeakers. The loudspeakers consist of Ø8mm MID HF and Ø9mm MID LF loudspeaker units. It also use an electrical frequency division and a special structural acoustic cavity physical frequency division that has a Chinese acoustic invention patent.

TINHIFI TWS2000 New features


Double moving coil double cavity

The TINHIFI TWS2000 utilizes dual dynamic driver and crossover technology to combine the power and detail of an 9mm and 8mmm Nitinol Dynamic Diaphragm.

Wired wireless dual mode

Dual mode design, no need to worry about Bluetooth power loss, no need to worry about game delay.


Excellent ergonomics

More comfortable to wear

UV antivirus

the TINHIFI TWS2000 is the first TWS earbuds to implement ultraviolet sterilization within the charging case to ensure every listening session is clean and healthy. Now, whether you’re an Hi-Fi audiophile enthusiast or an on-the-go daily runner, you can enjoy the immersive world of high-fidelity audio anywhere, anytime!