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一、The introduction of TINHIFI

The company specializes in the design, R&D, manufacturing and sales of electroacoustic products, and is original especially in the study of HIFI acoustics.
It has an R & D team and manufacturing plant and is engaged in one package service of product design, R & D and production.

The company cooperates with a PhD team to fully develop ANC TWS to combine noise reduction with acoustics, thus solving the problem of poor sound experience of noise-cancelling headphones.

2021 TINHIFI brand-new acoustic feeling 2021 will witness more good products of ours, such as TINHIFI T3 PLUS, P1 PLUS.


二、The introduction of TINHIFI's products

About TINHIFI’s commemorative edition 

TINHIFI’s commemorative edition is based on the product performance of TINHIFI to match the upgrade lines so that the unit and wire are perfectly combined.
TINHIFI’s commemorative edition is only available to national distributors and offline distributors for sale. 

TINHIFI is looking forward to the franchise of various agents in various countries to share high-quality music and happiness. Sharing good products with local audiophiles is a very happy and exciting career.


In response to the company's development and strategic adjustment, Tinhifi is vigorously recruiting offline sales agents to open the audio market in all regions, not limited to countries and regions.

By becoming our agent, you can receive our full payment, including but not limited to the following:
1) Abundant commission / commission
2) No deposit, basically no risk
3) Provide complete TINHIFI product promotional materials
4) You can enjoy the exclusive local agency of Tinhifi commemorative products

If you are interested in becoming our agent, you need to meet the following requirements:

1) Agree with TINHIFI's product and management concept and business model, and have sincere and long-term cooperation intention.
2) Need to have a physical store in the local, the minimum order quantity can be negotiated.
3) Responsible for the after-sales service of the products sold.
4) The company shall not arbitrarily change the price stipulated by the company, thus disturbing the market order.


四、Proxy contact

Global Agent Contact:
[email protected]

Southeast Asia
[email protected]    

Welcome to join TINHIFI!

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